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The Protocol for Liturgical Dance and Mime in Corporate Worship 
African Dance 
The Holistic Leader- (Leaders)








This class is for liturgical dancers and mime who minister with their Choir and/or Praise Team during Corporate Worship.  This class will teach dance and mime ministers how to choreograph for corporate worship, how to identify sound shifts, discuss the importance of unity in the Spirit, and discuss the difference between ministering and being a distraction.


This class will discuss the importance of health and wellness and participants will engage in a variety of dance and aerobic exercises.

When God Speaks

This class will discuss ways to incorporate drama, dance, mime, flags, pageantry, and song as creative ways to bring scripture ALIVE through the ARTS! This class will allow participants to use their individual gifts in ministering the word of God collectively. 

Prophetic Dance (Adults):

This class will discuss and teach the history of prophetic dance, choreography, how to hear Gods voice, the difference between the prophetic and prophecy, the protocol for prophetic dance, etc. 

This class will offer different African dance styles and  techniques.  Participants will learn different African movements to incorporate in non choreographed and choreographed pieces. 

Born 2 Mime

This class will cover the five areas of the mime ministry: Preparation, Exhortation, Activation, Demonstration, and Revelation .

Activating the Breathe of God:

Flag worship is the union of flag movement to the sound of the Word of God through music and song. This class will teach the steps to activating the breath and presence of God through flag worship. i.e. Pageantry, Flag, Billows, Streamers

 (Youth Track 5-13)

The Youth track will be taught from a biblical perspective.  The youth will be taught the purpose and power regarding movement and expression. This class will teach choreography for victorious occasions and teach dancers the difference between prophetic dance, interpretive dance, hip hop and mime.

These leadership sessions will address the emotional, mental, financial, practical and spiritual tools that is needed for every leader in ministry and the marketplace.    

Levitical Garments:

This class will cover the importance of Levitical Garments in dance and mime ministry, how to identify appropriate garments and colors for song selections, and will provide information to purchase levitical garments. 

Leaders for THIS Generation (Leaders):

This class will provide resources on how to transition from discipleship to leadership.  Moreover, this class will equip leaders with tools in order to organize and construct ministry to meet the needs of the 21st Century Church.  Also, this class will discuss REAL TOPICS, ISSUES, and IDENTIFY SOLUTIONS that will assist in leading effectively.

    Prayer and Intercession

This class will cover the WHY, WHAT, WHERE, and HOW to prayer and intercession for every

worship leader, dancer, and mime.

Ballet/Modern Technique

This class will discuss and teach the foundation of ballet and modern styles of dance.  This class will also train participants on ways to incorporate professional ballet and modern technique movements within ministry choreography.  Participants will learn and engage in different conditioning exercises. 

*Each session foundation will be taught from a biblical perspective

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