As an Evangelist, Author, Conference Host, Dancer, Choreographer, Entrepreneur, Change Agent, Counselor, and International Speaker, La’Boris Cole is the President of La’Boris Cole Ministries, ReSet and Renew Life House of Nashville, Inc., CEO of Born 2 Danz, LLC and Cole Counseling and Associates. It is evident that God is using her as a vessel to build His Kingdom through the Word of God, Dance and Counsel. God has anointed her to operate in the gifts of healing, prophecy, teaching, dancing, and preaching.


                                                                *Change Agent*
                                    “Living in Purpose, By Faith and Through Healing”


La’Boris Cole passion is not only preaching the word of God, but being a life coach and role model to others. She has become a mixture of hope, life, inspiration and love to people everywhere. She is the founder of EWoman, a life coaching program that is designed to encourage and equip women with  wisdom, knowledge, and tools that will impact and enrich their life. Also, La’Boris is the Founder and President of ReSet and Renew Life House of Nashville, Inc., a transitional living program that provides a 24-hour supervised residenitial home for individuals seeking recovery to address addiction, homelessness, health, wellness, and mental health.  ReSet and Renew Life of Nashville holistic approach is designed to provide professional and personal development services that will address the needs of the wholeman by providing resources and tools that will equip individuals in achieving:

autonomy, sober living/sobreity, job readiness, health and wellness, financial literacy, parenting education, anger management, victims' impact, parent training, critical thinking skills, relapse precention, life skills, interpersonal skills, NA/AA meetings, case management, substance abuse interventions, GED preparation, access (transportation) to mental health appointments and treatment.



                                            “Dance Until Heaven Is Revealed On Earth”


La’Boris is the Founder of Born 2 Danz, LLC, a dance company that teaches the principles of dance from a professional and biblical perspective. In addition, Born 2 Danz Ministries is another segment of B2D, LLC which annually hosts Prophetic Dance and Mime conferences, which draws people from around the world to experience God through movement and the Word of God. For several years she has been the artistic director and choreographer of dance ministries at various churches and ministries internationally training dancers in dance technique and the word of God. She has ministered the stage with James Fortune and FIYA, Brian Courtney Wilson, Niyoki, Benita Washington, Royce Mosley, Vashawn Mitchell, Benjamin Cone III and Worship, and New Jerusalem Mass Choir just to name a few. Additionally, La’Boris was recognized in the Mississippi Black Inaugural Entrepreneur Magazine for Dance.


                                       “My Pen, My Writing, My Life... Your Inspiration”


She is the author of Writing As If You Were Dancing Dance Journal, a self-help journal that challenges and encourages dancers to achieve their personal goals as well as a therapeutic tool for dancers to journal freely.  Also, she is the author of Wisdom Over War, a book that provides fictional and non-fictional life experiences that will empower and challenge married and single women to use Wisdom when experiencing a "war-like" crisis.  Wisdom Over War Book is scheduled to be released soon.


                                        “Minister Until Heaven Is Revealed On Earth”


She is a licensed and ordained minister of the Gospel.

She travels locally and internationally proclaiming the Word of God.


                                                           “Knowledge brings LIFE!”


An extreme believer of education, La’Boris is currently pursing a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Counseling: Teaching and Supervision with a specialty in Marriage and Family Therapy. She earned a Master of Science Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Mississippi College. She is a national certified counselor, a certified facilitator for Prepare Enrich Marriage Program and a certified Level I Clinician in Emotionally Focused Therapy.  In addition, she is the CEO/Director of Cole Counseling and Associates, a counseling center that serves the TN community by providing therapy/counseling services.  As a drug and alcohol consultant, she serves as an  facilitator for Metro Davidson County School District 1st Offenders Program.

Lastly, she is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

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